An Old Favourite

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Alan John is someone I admire and respect greatly, so it is an honor to see one of my shots on his office wall.  He talks a little about it on his blog.

This is one of my all-time favourite images.  I love it because it is filled with joy and freedom, taken at the epicenter of where I am happiest – Ladakh, in the Indian Himalayas.

Here’s a screen grab from his blog:



One Raffles Place Lights Up with Tower Two


This was a fun job.  A lot of time, effort and thought (mainly from the client!!) went into finding the right angle for this project.  The tricky bit was how to shoot around the  UOB Towers that blocked the view to the new tower.  We got around the problem by climbing on the roof of the UOB Building and shooting from between the distractions.  The result is a refreshing angle of a building almost impossible to capture in isolation.  This picture ended up wrapping around the cover of the Singapore Business Times (see below).  Client: OUB Centre Limited.  Big thanks to Lee Theng Ngee for making the project possible…and fun!!  Oh!!  And congratulations on your opening!



Asia Exposed Wins Silver at the New York Festivals


I am excited to announce that Asia Exposed, the documentary that I was involved with, has won Gold at this year’s New York Festivals.

It’s a nice recognition of the people behind the series – congratulations to Third Floor Pictures!!  I was lucky enough to be sent to the streets of Manila to meet some extraordinary and brave people.  I met the beautiful and dedicated mother of a long-term drug addict, a homeless father-to-be building his home on the streets and a man fighting his demons in order to get back his life.

It was a rewarding experience on many levels – an experience that will stay with me forever.

You can watch the episode that I was part of here:

Gardens By the Bay opening this week.


I have been sitting on some pretty awesome images of Gardens by the Bay for the last few weeks.  I have been itching to share them, but I have a policy of not showing client’s images until they have released them publicly.  At last, I can share at least one image from this landmark (for me at least!) shoot!  This is a screen grab from their Facebook page.  The place is epic, and I like to think my images got close to being equally impressive.  The Gardens are opening this week, so you can see for yourself!

Screen grab from the Gardens by the Bay Facebook Page.

The images that were used for the ads on buses and taxis will be out this week.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they turned out.  To be continued.

This….is what it is all about.

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It’s true – I take nothing but pretty pictures.  But even pretty pictures are pointless if they don’t have a purpose and if no one sees them.

Which is why I was excited to find my image of Esquina in today’s paper:

Life! Straits Times 18th May, 2012

What I love about it is that, first of all, the image is huge!  Much bigger than all the other images on the page – it holds the feature together.  It’s the first thing you see after the very positive heading.  Then the name of the restaurant is right there in the picture itself – in big letters.   There’s no doubt about what this picture’s story is.

An equivalent sized ad in this newspaper would cost thousands of dollars, and would probably attract fewer eyeballs.  But the combination of an attentive marketing team, a fantastic interior, good food and a really nice picture means that this humble restaurant stands out from the crowd.

It also means that I have done my job – and for that I can hold my head high today!

Flight and Building Dreams

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Every now and then you’ll find me pretending to look busy on a film set.  It’s not that I am particularly lazy – it’s just that things happen pretty slowly on film sets.  As a stills photographer, the art is being in the right place at the right time (not to mention completely invisible to the rest of the crew who don’t need another camera guy in their way!).

Recently, I was lucky enough to work with Ogilvy and Mather on “Flight” and “Building Dreams”, two short films produced for the Economic Development Board of Singapore.  A part of the Create Film Festival, they are designed to encourage students to study engineering – considered one of the less-sexy subjects!

My contribution was to shoot the images for the posters.  The image of the guy in the jet engine and the image of the dude in front of the brick wall are mine.  I quite like the way the agency bled the night sky into the latter, illustrating the dream aspect of the film, as well as linking in the Star Wars aspect of the story.  Sadly, this wasn’t my idea (credit goes to the smart cookies at Ogilvy), but I think the images did what the agency wanted, and overall, I think the posters worked well.

You can take a look at the films here.  Flight in particular is a lovely little 6 minute feel good movie.