Pollen’s Bold and Intriguing Cover

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I knew I got ‘the shot’ when I captured this restaurant image for Pollen at Garden’s by the Bay.   I knew this one put  the restaurant in context, I knew it was bold and eye catching.  I knew it would intrigue the viewer.   The restaurant marketing department obviously agreed because it is the opening image on their website – the image that grabs the viewer’s attention and entices them to explore more.

Which is really what I try to achieve with every image I make.  In my mind, every exposure has to be a winner.  None of them can be boring, humdrum or just average.  They have to tell my client’s story while trying to sell an idea, help people discover and excite the senses.

Another of my shots appears on their Facebook over – another example of my panoramas fitting in nicely with FB’s cover image ratio….

pollen fb


Restaurant André & FOUR Magazine

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One of the best things about my job is meeting and working closely with people who are at the top of their game.

Working with André Chiang of Restaurant André is a bit like working with a slightly mad genius…but in a good way.  His food and restaurant always fills me with whimsy, providing an escape from the real world for a few hours.

Here’s the result of me escaping reality for an afternoon, collaborating with a true artist and possibly genius….for Four Magazine.

André Chiang | FOUR Magazine 2015-07-16 11-20-33  André Chiang | FOUR Magazine 2015-07-16 11-21-02‎www.four-magazine.com:files:images:articles:146:Andre%20Chiang's%20Recipes.pdf 2015-07-16 11-19-22 ‎www.four-magazine.com:files:images:articles:146:Andre%20Chiang's%20Recipes.pdf 2015-07-16 11-18-43 ‎www.four-magazine.com:files:images:articles:146:Andre%20Chiang's%20Recipes.pdf 2015-07-16 11-18-13 ‎www.four-magazine.com:files:images:articles:146:Andre%20Chiang's%20Recipes.pdf 2015-07-16 11-17-38

Mother’s Day at Pollen.

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If my mum was in Singapore, I’d definitely be treating her to lunch at Pollen!!  If, like me, you can’t manage to take you mum there, may be you can just make-do with drooling over this picture?  I spent the afternoon climbing around their garden, finding just the right place to place their latest dishes.  Given the restaurant is a garden within a garden, it seems only natural to shoot their food this way….

Pollen Blog


And if by chance you can take her, check out the rest of my Pollen pix while you are making your booking at their website!!


pollen blog II


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Burnt Ends

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Dave from Burnt Ends is a good guy.  We spent the afternoon shooting his food.  We laughed, we told tall tales and reminisced about our home country and living in London.  It was a good job – we were both on the same page – my photographic style and his food were meant for each other.  This was a while ago, but I was reminded of our shoot on a flight recently when his face was peering back at me – just as he did months ago when we made this picture together.Virgin Australia

Food Photographer (14 of 102) Food Photographer (15 of 102) Food Photographer (39 of 102) Food Photographer (42 of 102)

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Brunch at Keong Saik Street Snacks

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Chef Andy at Keong Street Snacks dazzled me again with his latest brunch menu…..this is pulled off their FB page, but a lot of the shots can also be found at their website….

The brief was to make the food rustic and accessible.  We didn’t want the food to look too dressed, but it still had to have feeling.

This is, incidentally what I can shoot in half-a-day.  Eleven shots between 9:30am and 12:30pm.   It also helps if the food is plated as amazingly as this was….

keong 1 keong 2 keong 3 keong 4 keong 5 keong 6 keong 7 keong 8 keong 9 keong 10 keong 12

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Esquina Have A New Menu!!

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Okay, I may be a little biased – they are a client after all…but do yourself a favour and try out Chef Andy’s new menu!!  My eyes were watering at the beauty of each dish as they arrived one by one.  And in case you are wondering – yes, I ate everything you see – except the Sea Urchin!  Don’t know how that made it back to the kitchen without me testing it out!   These images are lifted directly from their website’s gallery.  Look closely, the first shot has frozen frois gras as a dusting!   Not also, the each image somehow includes a little bit of subtle branding….I strongly believe that a food shot should include just a little bit of the restaurant’s personality – else they could just be any old picture of food from anywhere!

esquina II

And while we are talking about Andy….here’s an awesome shot I took of him for his other restaurant (I don’t know how he does it!), Keong Saik Snacks. And here’s a little bit about him in this article on the Urban Journey website.


And while we’re at it….here’s a portrait of Jason Atherton, the genius behind Esquina, Pollen, Pollen Street Social, Keong Street Snacks and 22 Ships (that at least, I know of!!).  This pic is used for the 22 Ships Facebook profile!


Did I mention that I love this place??!!

Majestic Bay Restaurant Website

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The team at Majestic Bay Restaurant have recently put up their wonderful and clutter-free website featuring my architecture and portrait work.

I am particularly fond of the shot (below) that captures the restaurant’s warm interior and impressive exterior in one shot – one of those moments when an idea and an opportunity meet!  I was happy with their portraits too – just the right mix of chef seriousness and warmth.

New Majestic

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