It’s Okay to Ask


Commercial photography is a very collaborative process.  It’s not just one person directing everything to their own taste.  Which is why I love to get get everyone involved in my shoots.  I want to know my client’s vision.  I want to know the feelings they want to portray, what the image should say about their brand.  What they want to sell.

On a recent shoot atop the Marine Bay Sands at Ce La Vi, I started with my usual style of a fairly conservative portrait.  I love to go a bit crazy with my portraits, but I understand local tastes, and try to cater for them.

But the team at the bar had other ideas – they wanted something a little moodier, something a little edgier.  And they weren’t afraid to ask me to change direction.


This is the image we created once we all understood the mood they were after.  I think we created something special.  It’s just the right mix of being out there, but still with the right corporate tone and an air of sophistication.

So I encourage my clients to be a part of the process.  Share your thoughts, tell me about your vision – my job is to listen and adjust to your needs while at the same time contributing my insight as well.  The sign of a true collaboration is when everyone adds their own piece of expertise to the process.  And it always produces better results!