Lying Down on the Job

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Okay, I know how it looks – Rory is slacking off again!  But it’s not true!  This is how we make hotel beds look pristine and perfect.  I know it a little bit cheaty, but I pull the sheets tight to remove any visible creases and slot this bit of the image into the final image.    This is one of the newly renovated rooms at M Hotel, Singapore.

Update!  The final image:

suite bedroom


Four Hotels On One Page!

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This has to be a bit of a record!  Elle Travel this month printed a page with seven images I shot for literally four different hotels!!  Sure, three of them are part of the same stable – Wanderlust, 1929 and The New Majestic, but my picture of the Singapore Sling for Raffles Hotel rounded out the quadrella!!

Now all I have to do is convince the Westin to use me for their hotel shots!!  How about it Westin!!!!?


What are you?

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Are you a rainmaker, hipster, explorer or a lover?  I like to think I am all four at one moment or another.  Which is why Big Hotel is my first choice of hotel in Singapore.  Actually, that’s not true – I live here, and snuggle in my own bed!!  However, I am a huge fan of the Big Hotel website.  It customizes the experience for the visitor, and gives them information designed just for them.

I really enjoyed working with the agency and the hotel management on this to get the branding and the feeling just right, and to make images that would work well on their website.  I think we succeeded.  There is a consistency of style and colour that makes it work.  There’s a few screen grabs below, but you should check out their innovative website here. 




First shots of Shanghai’s Peace Hotel go public.

Client Publicity, Hotels, Work in Action

I have been dying to show off my handy work from Shanghai for weeks now, but I tend not to go public with my work, until my clients do.  At last, the Peace Hotel shots are going out into the world and I can now share them with you.  I spent eight days on The Bund, photographing every aspect of the beautiful Fairmont Peace Hotel from the many Art Deco details to the massive dome that dominates the lobby.

The shots below appeared in the South China Morning Post – 3/4 of a page of pure unadulterated publicity for my client!

BORING TECHNICAL TALK WARNING:  The dome (see below) was so big that it wouldn’t fit into a conventional camera lens frame – the final shot was loving stitched together using twelve individual images created with my very special 17mm tilt-shift lens.

The Massive Peace Hotel Dome

I have said it before, and I will say it again – these pictures are the result of the passion and hard work of a big team – from housekeeping to marketing, from chefs to engineers, florists and the person that makes sure the 50 pairs of chopsticks are all aligned.  Below is only part of the wonderful team I worked with on the Peace Hotel project (in the magnificent Peace Hall, after our first day).  A big thank you to Helen Song (second from the right) for pulling it all together.  Thank you!

Some of the Peace Hotel Photoshoot Team April, 2010.