Portrait of the Singapore PM for the BBC

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I promised to not talk about this project, so I am not quite sure what I am allowed to say!

Let’s just say I proudly took this portrait for the BBC….and just leave it at that!  Ha!!!



Lee Hsien Loong III.JPG




Little Picture in a Big Newspaper

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I’m not quite sure if this appears in print or not, but it always satisfying to see my work appear in unexpected places.  Today it is the New York Times.  I have always assumed that the NYT was the Daily Bugle in Superman – that kinda makes me Jimmy Olsen?

Rapid Expansion: Risks and Potential - NYTimes.com 2015-05-29 11-03-25

Big thanks to Loh Lik Peng and the team from Unlisted Collection for sending in the portrait for the article.